Free six minute relaxation experience

This strong free six minute relaxation experience technique demands you to lay down someplace solid and comfortable, such as, for instance, a carpet or mat on a solid bed or the floor. This technique includes relaxing and increasingly contracting the chief muscle groups round the body that keep tension. If at any stage in this technique you feel cramp or pain then quit.

This free six minute relaxation experience technique is extensively practiced but might take a while to master.

Step One:
Make yourself comfy, wear clothing that are loose and make sure you will not be cool . Lie down on a solid surface and loosen your muscles. Check that you’re actually comfy before moving on, if not use some pillows or cushions and fix your posture.

Step Two:
Relax and make an effort to let your mind go blank, breathe slowly. Let your shoulders feel the weight of your body and sink into the earth. Unclench your teeth, shut your eyes and relax your face and neck.

Step Three:
Begin the exercise. Don’t run, take your time plus concentrate on relaxing. Work round the body one primary muscle region at a time, equally and whilst doing this breathe deeply, smoothly:
• Clench the muscles closely and hold for some seconds
• Loosen the muscles fully
• Repeat steps 2 and 1
• Sense numbing and a heating of the region worked

Practice the steps above for:
• Left Foot – clench your foot and curl your toes
• Made Thigh
• Bottom – clench closely
• Belly
• Right Arm
• Shoulders – hunch upwards towards the ceiling
• Face – frown, pout and yawn to clench the various muscles in your face

Step Four
Rest and relax and remain laying down for 15 or 10 minutes once you have completed this exercise – when you do get up, do so softly shaking arms and your legs.

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